The Most Valuable Thing We Get From Our Mammys Is…

Would you agree?

The role of an Irish mammy in our lives is one that is as highly regarded as just about anything we can think of.

Whether it’s the ‘Be careful, the roads are slippy’ texts or the dinner on the table after a stressy day at work, where would be without the main woman in our lives?

Well now, research carried out by One4All has shown just how valuable our mums, or mother figures are to our lives, and we’re giving a major shout out to the mammys!

Irish people have said that the most valuable things in life come from our mammys, and we have to agree!

A third of people agree that a good solid bit of advice is the their most valued thing to ever receive from their mams, or mammy figures, with one fifth saying that if they could have one of their mother’s traits it would be their strength.

There’s some pretty iconic Irish mammys out there, but none – we think- better than our own!

  • One third of respondents say the most valuable thing they have ever received from their mum, or mother figure, was a great piece of advice
  • 1 in 5 say if they could have one of their mum or mother figures’ traits they would want their strength
  • 1 in 3 claim that having the same values as their mum is what makes them most similar
  • Majority of respondents (23%) say they felt most comforted by their mum or mother figure during pregnancy and the birth of their child
  • 90% say they consider their mum or mother figure to be their role model



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