This New Irish App Scans The Barcode Of Beauty Products To Give You Reviews On The Spot

The days of standing in the aisle Googling are no more.

We all know that feeling, when you’re trying to make a simple beauty purchase but almost instantly you’re overwhelmed by choice. There’s so many beauty brands out there, who each have so many products. It can be hard to find out what’s right for you and what products you actually want to use. Now, there’s a handy little app jam-packed with trusted reviews to help you make that all important decision on whether you should splurge on that next big beauty buy.

Officially launching today, the Beauty Buddy app is an inclusive community of ‘Beauty Buddies’ made up of real, honest, independent and trusted users who connect with each other to learn about and decide what products to buy. It’s a destination for users to discover, review and decide, to access instant product information, advice, trends, virtual makeup bags and much more. The go-to app as instant access to Irish and international beauty brands, from Charlotte Tilbury and MAC to Blank Canvas and The Ordinary.

The Beauty Buddy app, created by sisters Wendy and Tracy Slattery, lets you share ratings, reviews,  top tips, product recommendations, tutorials. You can access the hundreds of products at home, on the go, or even when you’re standing in the tanning aisle not knowing which mousse, lotion, liquid or spray to go for. If you’re checking out a particular product and want to see what others have to say about it, simply scan the barcode through the app and up pops all the info’ you need.

So, the days of hunting through YouTube videos and ten different websites to find the what you’re looking for and hear what other beauty buffs think of the product are gone. Yay! If you’re a big beauty fan, or need a bit of help choosing your next foundation, you can download the Beauty Buddy app on the Apple or Play Store.


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