The Newest Trailer Has Been Released For Margot Robbie’s Latest Film, Birds Of Prey And We Are Excited

We like nothing better than a good revenge flick, and one that has a mostly female cast? We're all in.

Do you remember the film that spawned a thousand Halloween costumes?

When Suicide Squad came out back in 2016 the unexpected star character was Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn. Not exactly what Jared Leto was expecting.

Everything about her, from her cutsie yet-kick your ass persona, her strange dead-cheerleader style costume and her sweet-yet-psycho personality, made her an instant hit.

Since then, you cannot go for a night out at Halloween without spotting someone wearing her signature blue and pink pigtails and short skirt/fishnets combo.

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Flock yeah. #BirdsOfPrey in theaters 2.7.20

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Now the character is getting a film all to herself. Birds of Prey is the latest instalment from Warner Brothers, this time specifically about the world of Harley Quinn. The latest trailer just dropped and we are super excited for this to hit Irish cinemas.

With Quinn narrating the trailer she tells us; “This all started when the Joker and I broke up”.

It then cuts to Harley Quinn crying on the sofa eating spray cheese from a can, some serious Bridget Jones throwback vibes going on. But this isn’t a break-up movie, it’s based on a DC comic!

Instead, expect lots of action, great costumes and a pretty hardcore selection of characters.

We like nothing better than a good revenge flick, and one that has a mostly female cast? We’re all in.

We already love Margot Robbie, she can seemingly do almost no wrong, so we’re excited to see this.

Birds of Prey hits Irish cinemas on the 7th February, 2020. Watch the official trailer here.


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