The Next Episode Of Don’t Tell The Bride Is The First To Feature A Cancelled Wedding

Because of cheating... but not the kind of cheating you'd think.

We thought we’d seen everything when it comes to Don’t Tell The Bride… but the show has managed to surprise us again.

This Sunday’s episode will be the first one in DTTB’s 12-year run in which the wedding has been entirely cancelled.

Yep – couples have certainly come close to it before, but apparently this is the first time the whole thing has been called off.

The reason? Cheating, but not the kind of cheating you expect.

Halfway through the proceedings, the show’s producers discovered that bride-to-be Shanise had been reading her fiancé Yanis’ emails to find out what he was planning for the big day.

You may recall that the whole point of the show is for the groom to organise every aspect of the wedding without the bride’s prior knowledge. So, y’know, that absolutely will not do.

During a scene in which Yanis is to reveal the dresses he’s chosen for Shanise’s bridesmaids, a producer walks in and tells the group:

OK guys, I’m going to stop you there. We normally would do a bridesmaids reveal but it’s come to our attention that the secret appears to be out, and the bridal party knows about some of the plans for the wedding.

Yanis then has the job of calling Shanise to tell her that they’ve broken the rules, and the wedding is off. Eeek!

Watch the whole thing unfold this Sunday on E4 at 9pm. Doesn’t sound like it’s going to ease the Sunday Scaries at all though…


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