The Official 13 Reasons Why Account Is Being Slammed For Posting *This* Offensive Tweet

It's not the first time the show's come under fire.

Netflix’ original series, 13 Reasons Why, is no stranger to controversy as it’s been highly criticised for glamorising suicide since airing in March of this year.

However, the show is facing a fresh wave of backlash after a questionable tweet was published on its official Twitter account earlier this month.

The tweet read, “Always”, and showed a photograph of characters Jessica and Justin who were in a tumultuous relationship during the series.

Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t seen the show yet, but Justin allowed his best friend Bryce to rape Jessica while she was unconscious, and fans are slamming 13 Reasons Why for tweeting about the pair as though they’re ‘couple goals’.

One person replied to the tweet saying, “He let his friend rape her and lied to her face about it and y’all be romanticising their unhealthy relationship??”

Another wrote, “I can’t believe you’re promoting this “couple”, he let his friend to rape her while being unconscious and then lied about it. This is toxic.”

The tweet has since been deleted.

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