The One Question This Curvy Model Is Seriously Sick Of Being Asked

What do you reckon? Is she justified?

Barbie Ferrerira

Nobody likes being asked an intrusive or insensitive question.

For plus-size model and body-positive activist Barbie Ferreira her job means being asked many of the same questions over and over again by reporters, and there are a few in particular that really make her blood boil.

Talking to Glamour Barbie explains that one of the most insensitive questions she hears on the regular is ‘How do you feel confident in a bikini’.

A fairly straightforward question for someone who models swimwear, so why does it get her goat?

“Because I feel like no one would ask that to a Victoria’s Secret model,” Barbie explains. “No one would ask that to Kate Upton. I understand ‘How to feel confident’, but in a bikini, if you’re adding that on… I wear a bikini like every other person in the world wears a bikini or a bathing suit.”

Can we imagine Karlie, Gigi and co being asked the same question? Um, no probably not.

But Barbie says the discriminatory questions don’t end there and explains that questions about her diet can be equally offensive. “I think that’s the most disrespectful thing. There’s no winning with that question,” she tells Glamour. “I eat different things every day, so I think it’s a stupid question.”

What do you reckon? Are questions like these just another case of body shaming and would a Victoria’s Secret angel be asked the same thing?