The One Thing You Should Never Post On Social Media, Unless You Want To Lose Friends

We've probably all been guilty of this social media bugbear.

Social Media

Sharing is caring, or is it? These days we document everything online, from checking in at the gym to posting a pic of what we had for dinner, but according to a survey by i100 there is one social media habit that’s sure to turn your virtual friends right off, and it’s ranting.

Yep, before you hit publish on that moany post about the super horrible day you had, you might want to think twice.

In the survey of 1,000 people, i100 found that 62% of men and 67% of women said that the worst type of social media post was about a friend’s personal problem, closely followed by political rants, food pictures and selfies.

“If I’ve had a long day, the last thing I want to see on my feed is someone giving out about getting a parking ticket or being over-charged on their shopping,” says STELLAR reader Ciara, 26.

Sue, 31 agrees. “Why post it on Facebook?” she asks. “I’ve unfollowed a few friends who were constantly complaining about stuff. Every time I’d see their posts, I’d just think ‘lighten up!’ It’s social media. It’s supposed to be fun.”

The lesson? If you don’t want to lose Facebook friends, keep your feed a positive place and if you need to have a rant, call your bestie.


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