The Sex Files: ‘I Had Real Life Sex On The Beach’

Memories of the best (and worst) rides of your life.

“Ever since I was old enough to fantasise about sex, there was something about sex on the beach that always got me feeling hot. Of course this is Ireland, so you don’t exactly get golden beaches and scorching sun, so as I got older the idea of shagging on Sandymount beach suddenly became very cringe and I could think of nothing worse.

It was only when I went to Italy on my first ever couple’s holiday with a now ex, Sam, that it came back into my head. There is something about soaking up the sun that gets me totally relaxed, and hot in more ways than one. So I suggested it to Sam, who laughed it off at first, and with that I got a little embarrassed and laughed it off too. It was only that night, when we were fairly tipsy on cocktails that he whispered to me, ‘you know I’d love to fuck you on the sand’. Our sex life was always great, but Sam was a little shy, so I was pretty surprised and incredibly turned on.

We decided however on account of it being dark, and us being a little drunk, to just go home and have sex in our apartment instead, but during it, all I could think about doing it outdoors.

We went down to the beach the next morning and lay in the sun for an hour or so, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the sand dunes, there were plenty of them with long grass that you could easily lie in without being seen, and they were pretty far from where anyone was swimming or sunning. Once I saw that there was no one going near them, I gestured to Sam to follow me up. We were already sunning ourselves far away from any other holidaymakers, so I’m pretty sure no one noticed us climbing up there.

We lay out our towels as if to just sunbathe, but then Sam leaned over to, me slid my bikini to the side, and began to gently eat me out while I kept watch. He took it slow as I had to keep quiet. Even though it was a bit risky I was totally relaxed, so it didn’t take me long at all to come. Once I did, I jumped on top of him and once again, moved slowly but intensely. I could just about hear the waves in the distance, the sun was on my back, and my feet were planted into the hot sand, it was blissfully intense. I came once more and kissed him so I wouldn’t scream. It didn’t take him long to follow suit as he pulled me down toward him, and wrapped his arms tightly around me while he came. I was glad to know it wasn’t just me who was finding it so sexy.

Once we were done we lay back down on our towels and sunbathed a little longer, giggling and kissing every now and again. While we broke up about six months later. I know that neither of us forgot it, because about a year after we broke up, I bumped into him in a busy bar in town. He smirked, squeezed my arm and said ‘Remember those sand dunes?’”


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