The Stranger Things Teaser Trailer Has Left Us With Lots Of Questions

Anyone else feeling more confused than before?

It seems like FOREVER since the third season ended so we were well overdue a sneak peak at season four, and we were not disappointed.

The fifty second clip doesn’t tell us much about the season but does give us an answer we’ve been waiting for, is Hopper really dead?

When we finished season three we couldn’t quite believe they’d killed off one of our favourite characters with many online refusing to believe they had.

Plenty of theories emerged, one being that instead of dying in the explosion Hopper in fact jumped into the upside-down.

From the latest trailer it seems that Hopper is alive but now we have a million questions.

The teaser trailer which is titled ‘From Russia with Love’ shows freezing workers building railway lines in the snow. That’s when the camera pans up to a Hopper that looks very different to the last season. He looks much skinnier as well as haggard, as if he’s been imprisoned for several months.

How did he survive? Why is he in Russia?

So far this no official release date, but with filming set to start early this year there are estimates for December 2020/January 2021 streaming dates.

It can’t come quick enough.


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