Unexpected? Here’s The Surprising Thing 66% Of Guys Are Thinking On The First Date

Men's minds are a mystery to us.

First Date

Is there anything more nerve-wrecking than going on a first date? Um, probably not, but what if you had some clue about what was going on in the mind of the guy sitting opposite you?

Well now you do because a Singles In America survey has provided us with a little extra insight, and we have to admit we’re a tad surprised.

We would imagine many things are rolling round our date’s brain on the first meeting; Is that some of tonight’s dinner stuck in my teeth, I hope I don’t bump into my ex , and, er, I wonder if I’ll get lucky, to name a few, but according to the survey results two thirds of guys are actually thinking about (Drumroll, please!) commitment.

In fact, 27% of guys had already decided if they want kids pre-date, while 80% said they would date a girl even if there wasn’t chemistry.

Recently we also discovered that 41% guys would ask a gal whether or not she wanted kids on the first date.

Commitment and babies, eh? Maybe we’ve got the lads wrong all along.


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