The Trailer For Harry Styles’ Next Film Is Here

In it, he leads a double life of forbidden love

My Policeman' Teaser: Harry Styles Is Entangled in a Steamy Throuple |  IndieWire

We’re still reeling from the fiasco that was Don’t Worry Darling premiering in Venice earlier this week. But now Harry Styles fans have been sprung into action once again as the trailer for his next movie has dropped.

Though conversation around Harry Styles is centering around spit gate at the minute, let’s take a break and discuss his next movie – My Policeman.

Based on the novel ‘My Policeman’ by Bethan Roberts, the story follows a complicated and heartbreaking love triangle, one that Mr. Styles is in the middle of.

Directed by Michael Grandage, it will star Harry, Emma Corrin, and David Dawson. Set in 1950s Britain, a forbidden love affair takes place between policeman, Tom, and a museum curator, Patrick. Their love is forbidden of course, as given the time it is set in, homosexuality was illegal.

The trailer is now giving fans a glimpse into what they can expect from the film.

Opening with the Harry and Emma’s seemingly perfect marriage, the tone soon takes a dark turn as David enter’s the picture.

The love between characters Tom and Patrick is described as ‘all-consuming’, with Patrick telling Tom in the trailer “I pity people who don’t know what it feels like. Come with me. Just you and I.”

Emma Corrin and Harry Styles in first-look images from My Policeman -

Speaking about the film and his take on it, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine Harry said:

“It’s obviously pretty unfathomable now to think, ‘Oh, you couldn’t be gay. That was illegal”

Director Michael seemed pretty impressed with Harry’s efforts in the role, Recently saying:

“He had read the script so many times that he knew every single beat of it at that meeting”

“I found that incredibly impressive. He knew other people’s lines; he knew all of his lines. He knew why he wanted to talk about it, why one scene worked this way and another worked.”

Sharing why he was the perfect fit for a lead role, Michael added”

“Because he hasn’t done much, he hasn’t developed the ability to work out tricks or even lie. He can only do it truthfully and as he knows it.”

So, when can we watch it?

The film will be in select cinemas from October 21st and later arrive on Amazon Prime Video on November 4th.


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