The Trailer For The New Black Mirror Is Here Starring Miley Cyrus And Andrew Scott

Season 5 has an incredible cast.

We can’t wait to see Miley’s episode!

Black Mirror is that fine line between brilliant and messed up, and while some episodes are hard to stomach (we’re looking at you The National Anthem) other episodes like San Junipero are really enjoyable and even sweet.

Perhaps the most anxiety-inducing episode was Bandersnatch, the interactive special where you got to decide the actions of the protagonist, and, spoiler alert: pretty much every action you chose still leads to something terrible.

Now, sixth months on, we have a trailer for season five, which lands on Netflix on June 5th. The trailer shows the usual dramatic moments and people freaking out about there phones watching them, but with that, there are plenty of guest cast members we’re dying to see in action.

Avengers star Anthony Mackie is among the cast.

Avengers Anthony Mackie, Fleabag’s Andrew Scott, Topher Grace from That 70’s Show and loads of other brilliant actors are among the cast.

However, we’re most excited to see Miley Cyrus confirmed in the trailer. There’s little information on her storyline so far, other than the fact that she plays a performer with thousands of fans, and also maybe a robot doll which a lonely school girl speaks to.

As with the previous seasons, this shorter three-part-series will explore our relationship with technology and how it influences us.

Watch the trailer below:

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