The Trump Hotel Twitter Account Is Getting Backlash For This Tweet About ‘Travel Memories’

'I enjoyed travelling abroad at a time when I wasn't despised because of my evil president.'

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Long before Donald Trump was the President of the United States, he was known for his surname alone, attached to hotels and resorts all over the globe.

While his reach is now more far-ranging and potentially damaging than it was when he was just another businessman, Trump Hotels is still an active company, with an active Twitter account. And when one of the company’s social media managers posted this tweet about “travel memories” way back in 2011, they could hardly have predicted what was to come.

“Tell us your favourite travel memory – was it a picture, a souvenir, a sunset? We’d love to hear it!” the tweet, which was resurrected over the weekend, chirps.

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Travel memories, eh? In light of Trump’s immigration ban over the weekend, it’s no surprise the tweet has had a few choice replies in the last two days:

The immigration ban, issued by Trump on Friday, prohibits citizens from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Libya from entering the US for at least 90 days, and bans refugees from Syria indefinitely.

Despite the fact that all of the countries on Trump’s list have a majority Muslim population, Trump has defended his order as not being a “Muslim ban.”

The order led to chaotic scenes at airports all over the world this weekend, particularly at larger airports in the US where many citizens were held after disembarking airplanes. A federal judge order on Saturday night temporarily ruled that passengers could not be sent back to their home countries, but it’s uncertain what may happen in the coming days.

The day after Trump’s inauguration he resigned from various companies operating his resort hotels and golf clubs abroad, including the Trump International Golf Links in Doonbeg, Co. Clare.


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