There Are 7 Different Types Of Boobs In The World. Which One Are You?

Apparently it's not just size we should be considering; it's shape too.

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Shopping for a bra can be a tough business and sometimes even though we’ve been measured and scouted out the perfect band width and cup size, that stunzo new balconette still doesn’t look right.

So what gives? Well according to lingerie company Third Love, you should also be considering the shape of your boobs and the brand explains that there are in fact seven different boob shapes in the world.

Wanna find out which one you are? Read on…

Round boobs

Round Boobs

As the name suggests, this shape is characterised by a full, round bust and boobs that are equal in size at both the top and bottom of the breast. You won’t need a special push up bra or extra padding as your boobs are naturally big and perky. #winning.

East West

East West Boobs

Do your boobs seem to point in opposite directions? Then you’ve probably got an East West bust. Opt for a t-shirt bra to keep things centered.

Side set

Side set boobs

A plunge bra is your best bet for this type of boobs. They tend to have a wide space between them so a plunge bra will help to pull things in and create a cleavage.

Tear Drop

Tear Drop Boobs

These are similar to round boobs, but they’re slightly less full at the top. Lucky for you, most bra styles will work for this shape.


Slender Boobs

Are your boobs slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom and longer than they are wide? Third Love says to wear a plunge bra with extra padding to give the girls a little extra lift.


Asymmetric boobs

It’s actually super common for women to have asymmetric breasts, where one boob is a little larger than the other. Removable padding will help to add balance.

Bell shape

Bell Shape

Just like slender boobs, but a little bit bigger in cup size, opting for a bra that offers the utmost support is super important when shopping for this shape. Think thick straps and lots of underwire.


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