There Is A WILD Rumour Going Around That Beyonce Is Really Solange’s Biological Mother

Ok, we're not sure about this one...

We here at STELLAR HQ are no strangers to a mad celebrity rumour, but we think this one might just take the cake.

That’s right, it is being reported that Beyonce Knowles is not actually fellow singer Solange’s big sister, but she is fact her mother! (We are shook at the the mere thought!)

The pair have been well known as sisters we slay together, with Solange joining Bey on stage during her Coachella set last year. Oh and who can forget Solange battering Jay Z in the elevator after the 2015 Met Gala?… Not us anyway.

But now, we’re trying to wrap our heads around the bizarre reports that the pair’s parents, Matthew and Tina Knowles, covered up the fact that Bey secretly gave birth to a baba when she was just 13, and raised her as their own – how very Eastenders!

A source has spoken out on the rumours – “Her cousin told me Beyoncé is the mother of Solange. She told me this in confidence, while we were talking about teen pregnancies. The cousin in question is not of sarcastic nature, so I doubt they would come up with something as scandalous and controversial as this,” they told the Daily Mirror.

Now, for this to be true, a lot of other factors have to add up.

Beyonce is well known to be 37-year-old, while Solange is 32…. clearly this doesn’t add up.

The source close to the story also claims that Mrs Carter has been lying about her age, and is actually seven years older than we have been led to believe – making her 44 (about 13 years older than Solange)

“I saw a picture in her drivers’ license, which was on my manager’s personal computer. Her exact birth date is September 4, 1973”, claims the source.

Ok, we’ll admit we’re not totally convinced – but who are we to know!?


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