There Was A Very Cute Surprise Proposal On Last Night’s Operation Transformation Finale

We DARE you to watch the clip and not cry

If there’s one thing us humans have in common, it’s that we all love a happy ending.

If you were watching last night’s Operation Transformation finale, then you would have been very satisfied with the happiest of happy endings one leader had.

Last night’s episode saw team leader Tanya Carroll get the surprise of her life, as her boyfriend of 9 years finally popped the question.

The well thought out proposal showed a VT looking back on Tanya’s time on the show, when suddenly her boyfriend Mark appeared on the screen.

Sneaking up behind her, Mark got down on one knee while he said in the VT:

“Your parents and everyone around you are so proud of you but there’s one more thing I need to ask you, I just need you to turn around now please.”

He then popped the question, and in true Irish fashion said:

“Tan will you have the burden of me as your husband?”

She of course said yes, and if we said we didn’t have a lump in our throat we’d be lying.

Speaking to VIP magazine today, Tanya revealed her joy at the surprise proposal, and is currently planning her wedding for this August.

“We have a date for the 27th of August this year. My dad isn’t well and I want him there.” she said.

“I’m on top of the world. We spoke about it maybe 12 months ago and said when the time is right we’ll do it”.

“When he asked me to turn around for the question, I straight away thought, he’s going to ask me. I was half nervous about turning around. It was perfect though. It topped everything off.”

A huge congratulations to the happy couple!