There Were VERY Mixed Reactions To The Tully Twins’ Sofa On Gogglebox Last Night

Love it, hate it or just NEED it?

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 10.17.27

Gogglebox Ireland kicked off last night on TV3, with ten different families letting viewers into their homes as they chilled out in front of the telly.

Unsurprisingly, there were some stand-out stars from the show’s premiere. People fell in love with Tracie and Anita from The Liberties, who taught us all that we should be blessing ourselves whenever someone dies on TV:

We also met Eileen and Angela from Cavan, who revealed to the nation that there are a grand total of 18 ‘bongs’ on the Angelus. Handy info.

  Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 10.35.24

But the real champions of the evening were Fergal and Neil Tully, twins from Cavan who charmed the nation with their DGAF attitude to everything on TV – and their VERY interesting couch.

Two recliners and a pull-out drinks tray? What is this sorcery?

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 10.17.27

The lads used the tray for everything from tea to pints, and while no-one can deny that a drinks tray is an extremely practical addition to a couch, the reaction was mixed, to say the least.

Some people wanted that couch, needed it, couldn’t bear to live without it:

While others were mortally offended:

Either way we reckon Harvey Norman will be selling out of leather recliner couches this week…


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