“There’s Nothing Wrong With You” Stacey Solomon Is Getting Honest About The Struggles Of Breastfeeding


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Any mum who intended or managed to breastfeed with tell you of the struggles that go along with it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it suits the mum and the baby, other times it doesn’t.

This is something Stacey Solomon says she wishes more people spoke about, which is why she’s getting honest about the topic.

The presenter welcomed baby number three last month and has been keeping her baby updates refreshingly real. The baby boy is Stacey and Joe Swash’s first child together. With Stacey’s two other boys aged eleven and seven, and Joe’s son from a previous relationship Harry, is aged 11.

As it’s been a couple of years since Stacey had a new born, she says she’s getting used to the ups and downs all over again.

“This is my face every time he latches on,” she said on Instagram alongside a photo.

“I didn’t breastfeed Leighton and I don’t remember 11 years ago with Zach so it came as a bit of a shock to me when my feeding experience wasn’t blissful breast time and expressing pints of milk in between!” she admitted.


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She opened up about the tricky business of breastfeeding and the pain that goes with it.

“After not mastering the latch that leaving my boobs engorged and my nipples feeling like they’d been rubbed on sandpaper I think we are finally getting there. I’ve been milked by just about every health visitor and breastfeeding specialist around (for which I am eternally grateful) and my baby can finally get his tiny mouth around, what Zach and Leighton call, my Pepperami nipples!”

The former X Factor star added that while it’s great to see so many people embracing breastfeeding, it’s important to show the other side of it too – when it doesn’t go so well.

“We still haven’t mastered it yet and we might never master it – that’s ok too. I just thought for anyone out there struggling or who struggled to breastfeed that it’s perfectly OK, there’s nothing wrong with you, and you’re doing amazingly. All things I’ve struggled to believe at times. It’s so wonderful to see people’s happy breastfeeding pictures and amazing expressing photos – I love them, but from somebody who is lucky to express 10ml if not dust when I put a pump on I would have loved to see some different experiences too. Here’s to making it work no matter what way round you do it! Breast or bottle, Mammas, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!”


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I’ve lost it today. I really miss my bump and baby being inside me. I don’t feel I appreciated it enough while I was pregnant and now it’s over. Joe and I didn’t have one picture of him with my bump. The thought of not having that memory has been really getting me down so today, Joe and my Dad helped me get a picture of what’s left of my bump to cheer me up. I love them so much. It’s not the same but it still means the world to me. For the record, for all of the people who asked me how excited I was to get my pre baby body back? Was I hoping to “snap back”? Am I going to train? Etc etc. I hate these questions. They’re pointless. And not important or relevant. No one knows how they’re going to feel and what we look like after birth is the very least of our worries. The truth is I’m devastated that my belly is shrinking by the day. I wish it could stay around for a little longer. I feel empty and hollow. Not to mention like I’ve been punched in the vagina. ?

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Previously on Instagram Stacey has been speaking about how the ‘hormone surge’ in her body after the birth was making things difficult. She also got honest about missing her bump and being pregnant, all the while stressing how grateful she is to have her healthy little boy.

It’s so important to remind new mums that everything isn’t going to be perfect or easy, and Stacey is doing just that.


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