There’s Something Very Off About Tom Hiddleston’s First Instagram Picture

Tay's not in it, but there's something else kinda strange.

Taylor and Tom

For most couples, making your relationship social media official is a pretty big moment. Posting a selfie together, or changing your status on Facebook, are all fairly big ways to tell the world that you and your new beau are officially a thing.

And naturally you’d be following your other half across Facebook, Insta and Twitter to keep up with all their goings on, right?

Well, not so for Taylor and Tom, as neither of them are following each other on Instagram, which is strange given how public they’ve been about their new relationship to date.

It was Tom’s very first Instagram photo that alerted us to the weirdness too.

The Thor actor took to the app last night to share a photo of himself in full Loki garb, and a quick snoop on his account reveals that he currently isn’t following anyone. Nope, not even Taylor.

He’s back!

A photo posted by Tom Hiddleston (@twhiddleston) on

Surely, given that Tay is a fairly active Instagram user (she’s got around 88million followers, FYI) she and Tom would already be Insta BFFs?

This comes amid rumours that their relationship is in turmoil after the pair reportedly spent a full two weeks apart.

Now their lack of communication on social media has added fuel to the fire.

That said, Tom did only join Instagram yesterday, so perhaps he and Taylor have just been too busy catching up after a fortnight apart to hit that follow button.


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