These Have Officially Been Voted The Worst Gifts To Receive On Valentine’s Day

Don't buy your other half any of these.

Valentine's Day

What do you want for Valentine’s day? A gift voucher for your fave-o shop? A night away? A subscription to *cough* your favourite magazine? Or would you prefer something a little more traditionally romantic like chocolates and flowers?

Well according to a study by Durex Ireland, cliche V day presents are a massive no-no with both guys and gals, so if you’re picking up a pressie for your other half you might want to avoid anything red and covered in love hearts.

The survey revealed the three least wanted gifts.

For men, a teddy bear (29%), flowers (27%) and sexy underwear (19%) were definite no-nos, while women said they wound’t want to receive a cuddly toy (32%), sexy underwear (29%) or chocolates (12%).

The absolute worst gift you can get according to both sexes, though? An ‘I Love You’ teddy bear. 42% of Irish peeps said they wouldn’t want to receive it on V day.

28% of people also said that a dozen red roses is a turn off, while 9 out of 10 of those surveyed agreed that popping the question was the ultimate valentine’s day cliche.

So what do people want on V day?

A night in with a movie is top of the V day wish list with 47% of peeps saying they’d choose it over a night away or a romantic dinner. Netflix and chill it is, then so.


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