Things Got Pretty Heated For Shake During The Love Is Blind Reunion

"I want it to be partially blind. I want it to be Love Is Blurry."

Chances are, you’ve already binged your way through season two of Love Is Blind. So you’ll know all about the drama it brought. One of the biggest moments in the season focused and Shake and Deepti, where we saw Shake repeatedly say that he wasn’t attracted to Deepti, and she eventually turned him down at the altar. Hallelujah.

But since then, a teaser for the Love Is Blind reunion has been released, and of course, it’s giving all of the drama.

Shake is at the centre yet again, where co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey are questioning his intentions on the show.

In an attempt to defend himself, Shake shared: “I want the emotional connection. Everything we know the show is supposed to do, but there are also certain criteria there that goes beyond the emotional connection.”

There, we saw Deepti shake her head, obviously not agreeing. But Shake continued, saying: “Love is not purely blind to me. I want it to be partially blind. I want it to be Love Is Blurry.”

In response to this, co-host Vanessa shared her disappointment in Shake, saying: “I thought I started to see a change in you. I really did. I actually was like, ‘Oh s–t. Is he really looking inward? Is he really seeing, maybe, what his faults were, and what he wanted and what he needed?'”

Shake then tells the group that they “all have physical preferences. Every woman here is beautiful,” he continues. “I think you’re all beautiful. I’m not attracted to all of you. Unfortunately, the only one I’m attracted to is Vanessa – and I wish I wasn’t.”

Cue a slightly awkward silence, before Vanessa simply says “Oh my gosh!”

As this is just a teaser, I’m already excited for the drama that’s to come. The Love Is Blind reunion is released on Netflix today, March 04th.


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