‘Think Twice Before You Spew Your Hate’: Suzanne Jackson Slams Online Trolls For Hypocritical Comments

She didn't hold back.

Suzanne Jackson

On Tuesday, thousands of people took to social media to share motivational quotes to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day. However, one Irish woman had a bone to pick with a number of them.

Suzanne Jackson wanted to highlight the fact that motivational quotes only go so far, and that actions speak louder than words. Writing on her personal Facebook page, the Skerries-native said, “After all the lovely posts about mental health awareness yesterday, I feel strongly about something and I’m gonna say it!

“I feel very sorry for those who spend their days bitching constantly in online groups on Facebook about everyone and anyone! You are the cause for someone’s misery with your nasty words! YOU are adding to their anxiety, depression, their self doubt! You!! How does that feel?

“So instead of posting your nice caption and picture yesterday pretending you care about mental health…. Why don’t you think twice before you spew your hate online and really affect someone’s day/week/month.”

It’s an important message and one we’re glad Suzanne has shared.

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