This Christmas Candle Dedicated To Pugs Is Surely Going To Be On Everyone’s Shopping List

I mean, come on, the candle is called 'pugs & kisses'

Can you cope? Because we can’t. As if pugs weren’t the cutest dogs on planet Earth (alongside whatever breed your doggo is, of course), Yankee Candle has gone and made a festive candle dedicated to those little four-legged angels.

Titled Pugs & Kisses, if this doesn’t fill you full of Christmas cheer, I don’t know what will.

The candle has been released as part of Yankee’s selection of wonderful winter offerings, but as it stands, can only be purchased in ASDA; here’s hoping that changes in coming months.

And before you say it, we know it might feel a little too early to start talking about Christmas, but we can’t help ourselves this year. We need something to look forward to, you know?

Now, if you are planning on stocking up on some boujee Christmas candles, we would recommend doing it soon before they’re all sold out.

You know yourself, the closer it gets to the festive period, the harder it is to get your mitts on anything.

Some candles we absolutely adore lighting at this time of the year? Here are a few available to shop now.

Diptyque – Feu de bois

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Irish Forest – The Kind

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Cire Trudon – Ernesto

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NEOM – Christmas Wish

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Blue fir and firewood – Antropologie 

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But don’t fret, we’ll have a complete October and December candle compile coming to you very soon, so you can stock up on all the scented goodness as soon as poss!


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