This Controversial Challenge Has Been Axed From Love Island 2022

Are we sad? A little...

Love Island 2022 is very much en route, and viewers are being prepped for some major changes we may see this season.

From a new villa to the longest season yet, there’s plenty of shake-ups happening this year, and one very popular challenge has got the axe.

The controversial food challenge will not be going ahead this year, much to some fan’s delight. The challenge seen during previous years involved contestants putting food and drinks into their mouths and transferring it to their assigned partners, all in a bid to be named the winners.

Love Island's stomach-churning food-spitting game disgusts viewers as  Islanders swap roast dinners in their mouths

From milkshakes to burgers, some fans dreaded the challenge each year, deeming it ‘disgusting’ and ‘unnecessary’. In fact, some people feel so strongly about it that they asked the show’s boss Mike Spencer to cut it out for 2022. During a recent ‘Ask Me Anything’ interview with Reddit one fan wrote to Mike:

“Stop making people spit food into each other’s mouths”

To which Mike responded, saying that they have a set of entirely new ‘duty of care’ guidelines for this year’s contestants.

“We are stepping away from the food challenges as we know them”

“We have published our duty of care protocols very publicly and we have an incredible welfare team on the series”

“I agree we have to be incredibly considered when making editorial decisions. We are also making a dating entertainment series but humour is normally at the heart of most storylines”



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