Heaven! This Delicious Nutella Hack Is Seriously A Total Game Changer

This might just be the best way to enjoy Nutella EVER.


Nutella is high on our list of comfort foods (so is Tayto Cheese and Onion and Ben N Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup if you’re interested) and we honestly didn’t think there was a better way to enjoy it other than scooping it out with two fingers, popping it into our gobs and working our way through the entire jar in one sitting.

But it turns out, dear reader, we were wrong because thanks to a hot tip from Refinery29 we now know there is one amazing way to get your kicks from Nutella and it’s gonna make these cold, winter nights so much more bearable.

The technique is simple: once your Nutella jar is getting near the bottom, simply heat up some milk in the microwave (about two minutes ought to do it) then pour the hot milk into your Nutella jar, shake it all up and there you have it, Nutella hot chocolate.


Not convinced? Check out the vid below. We’ll be topping ours with whipped cream and marshmallows. YUM.