This Dublin Woman Is Among Those Hoping To Get Coupled Up On Love Island 2019

Check out all the contestants revealed so far.

The first of the new generation of Islanders have been revealed including one Irish woman, and DWTS pro Curtis Pritchard.

With just days to go before Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two, it’s time to meet the girls and boys taking part.

Yewanda Biala, 23, Dublin

Scientist Yewanda is set to head to the villa next month, and says that people are often surprised by her job. She describes herself as funny, caring and easy to get along with. She also says she can be a ‘tad dramatic’.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a good date,” she revealed, adding she’s no longer on Tinder.

“All of my dates have been terrible. There was a guy that I met on Tinder once who took me for drinks. I was a bit worried because I met him online and thought he might be a bit strange, let’s just say my suspicions were right…”

We’re excited to see how are local girl gets on, and we’re hoping she’s on the show longer than Irish participants Rob Lipsett and Shannen Reilly McGrath were a few years ago…

Lucie Donlan, 21, Newquay

Lucie is a surfer, and says she’s into the surfer boy look.

She’s going hard on the ‘I’m not like other girls’ vibe. “I stand out and I’m different to the usual girls that might go on the show,” she said.

“I’m more into sports as well as being glam. I can do both, which makes me stand out compared to other girls. I’m more of a guy’s girl than a girl’s girl. I’ve got a lot of friends that are into riding bikes. I get on with those girls who are bit more tomboy-ish. I get on fine with girls, I just don’t like hanging out with girly girls too much. I like hanging out with guys because they’re into the same type of sports…. less drama really.”

She said that ‘the competitive side of things with the other girls is fine’ and that she has cheated, but doesn’t plan on doing it again.

Have I got a wandering eye? Probably, yeah. I have cheated in the past because I’ve got on with someone so much better. It was a few years ago, I wouldn’t do it again,” she said.

When asked about the definition of Girl Code, she said: “I don’t think there really is one. If I was really good friends with a girl then I wouldn’t go for their guy but I’m not really a girly girl anyway, unless I really get on with a girl and they would support me in everything I did.”

Amber Gill, 21, Newcastle

Next up is beauty therapist Amber, who describes herself more than once as ‘funny’ but also says that she’s hot-headed.

Her worst date involved a train and a lot of cocktails… “I was speaking to this guy and he lived in Manchester and I got the train down to see him. I was nervous because he was really good looking and a bit older than me. I had five Cosmopolitans in a can and I drank them on the train. When the train got to Manchester I got up and I was drunk! He was waiting for me at the train station and when I got off I fell through the gap between the train and platform. What an icebreaker though! It was not awkward for one second after that! I think I styled it out.” Hey, She made it work, and we respect that.

She said she’s never cheated, but that she has been cheated on several times.

“I am not planning on having a wandering eye. You’re dating someone and coupling up but if I have to go for someone else then I have to. I’d obviously tell the guy and explain I liked someone else. I’m not as naive as I was then, I’ve just learnt to be careful from it. Not everyone has your best interests at heart,” she said.

Amy Hart, 26, Sussex

Amy describes herself as a good mix of fun and serious, she’s an air hostess and cabin crew manager, and self-proclaimed Bridget Jones of her friend group.

She’s never had a ‘proper boyfriend’, and says she’s heading into the villa to find ‘the one’ but she’s ‘also going there to have an amazing summer and meet amazing friends as well.’

Unlike surfer Lucie, Amy says, “I’m a real girl’s girl and I do believe in girl code.”

She added: “My best friends at home are my best friends because we have the same taste in alcohol but different taste in men.” [Great line!] “I hope that the girls won’t have the same taste in men as me but you don’t know what’s going to happen until you’re in there. I think you have to talk about it and really weigh up whether someone is amazing for you. They might not be and they might be better suited to someone else.”

Her claim to fame involves Liam Payne and his angry army of fans…  “I went on a night out once and Liam from One Direction was there. We were in the VIP bit and so was he and he walked past me and I smiled and he said ‘Hey, you alright? What’s your name?’ He told us to come and sit in his booth and we had a picture together.”

“I put it on Instagram and then my cousin who was twelve and a big One Direction fan put it on her Instagram and suddenly I was on all these international One Direction accounts. I was on Sugarscape and I was getting hate from ten-year-olds because they thought I was dating him!”

Anna Vakili, 28, London

Pharmacist Anna says she’s ‘different to anyone who has been on the show before.’

The reason? “I have the whole glam look, I’m fun but at the same time I feel like I have more to me than that. I studied hard and I’ve got my masters. I’m a pharmacist and I have a Middle Eastern background.”

Speaking about her definition of Girl Code while in the villa, she says: “This is really difficult because the island isn’t a normal place, the real world is different. I don’t know how close I can get to a girl in a few weeks. If a guy likes me, I’m there for love at the end of the day, not girls. I definitely would talk to the girl first even if the girl isn’t my girlfriend or if I don’t like the girl. I would always talk to her first. But if the girl was my close friend then I wouldn’t go near her guy.”

Anton Danyluk, 24, Airdrie, Scotland

Gym owner Anton loves blondes, so we’re sure he’ll have his eye on Lucie and Amy.

He describes his wandering eye as ‘a medical condition’. Uh oh. He added: “I’ve never really been loyal in any of my relationships. My last relationship, I actually got caught cheating for the first time in my life and it changed everything for me. I saw how much it hurt her and what it did to her. So, for me going to into Love Island, it’s going to be the biggest test of my life. I know that if I am loyal to someone in that space of time when hot girls are being thrown in all the time then I know I can be loyal to them.”

He also bought himself a Porche when he was 21…

Sherif Lanre, 20, London

Sherif is a bit of an all rounder career wise, he’s a chef and a semi-professional rugby player.

One of his turn offs is “If someone wants to be the centre of attention.”

“That’s a pretty big turn-off for me. I don’t really like girls that love being in the spotlight because that’s not really what I actually want for myself.” Okay but you are going on Love Island. Just a point to note.

Tommy Fury, 20, Manchester

It has to be said that Tommy the boxer is the little brother of Tyson, but he’s stressed that he doesn’t want to be defined by that.

He’s willing to go ‘to the moon and back’ to get the girl he wants. “At the end of the day, if I see someone in there that I like that I feel I could have a connection with, I’ll try and pursue that without being an idiot to the other islanders. I’ll do the right thing at the right time and make my opinions known.”

He’s okay with a guy going for a girl he’s no longer with, and said that he’s loyal through and through.

“I’ve had a wandering eye before but I addressed that straight away. I’ve never cheated and I never will cheat. I’m a loyal guy down to the roots.”

Joe Garratt, 22, South East London

Joe owns a catering company and used to be a semi-professional rugby player so him and rugby-chef Sherif should get on swimmingly, or they’ll feel a bit threatened by one-another, we shall see.

He says that he doesn’t have a specific type, and lists Jorja Smith, Amber Heard and Lily Collins among his celeb crushes.

“For me, it’s just more how we click, if she is fun, outgoing and doesn’t take herself too seriously and is open to talk about things. I’m looking for a connection, obviously initial attraction is key but the connection is the main go-to,” he said.

Michael Griffiths 27, Liverpool

Fireman Michael describes himself as a hero. “Who doesn’t want their own firefighter? Their own local hero.” And he says it again when talking about his best traits. “I get complimented on my smile a lot. People seem to be obsessed with my lips. I’d rate myself ten out of ten, I would have said nine but I’m a hero so it bumps it up.”

He’s also willing to go pretty far to get the gal he likes: “If I like somebody then I’ll go for it. There’s not really anything that could stop me. Everybody I meet will be a new person so they’re not going to be my best mate, so if a girl I’m speaking to is coupled up and we get on, I’m still going to talk to her. I’ll do it in a respectful way but I’m going to talk to her and let her know the situation and see where it goes from there. If she then likes me… sorry! It is how it is.”

Callum Macleod, 28, South Wales

We’re already pairing aircraft engineer Callum with air hostess Amy, but hey some people say opposites attract so you never know.

He describes himself as ‘a genuine, normal guy and up for a good laugh.’

“I love being on holiday, I love a pool party, I just think it suits me!” he revealed.

“I’m 28 now so time is ticking, I don’t want to be left on the shelf. The whole experience is going to be great and if I meet someone, that’s what I’m here for.”

Curtis Pritchard, 23, Shropshire

You’ll probably recognise Curtis from his time as pro-dancer on Dancing With The Stars Ireland. This year he was paired with Holly Carpenter but had to take some time off after being assaulted in a nightclub with brother AJ.

He says that because of his dance career, he’s lived a very sheltered life.

“I’ve not done a lot of going out partying, going on dates because I haven’t had time to. Being truthful I’ve probably been on less than ten dates, maybe five dates. I have never met anyone online, I’ve never used a dating app. I’ve met everyone in person, which I think is better. All of this meeting people on social media and apps is fake. People portray their life how they want it to be and it isn’t how they truly are. I like to meet people in real life.”

“My ex-girlfriend [Emily Barker] was my dance partner. We danced with each other from when we were twelve until we were fourteen, we were the champions. When we got older, we both ended up doing Dancing with the Stars in Ireland and got into a relationship. You spend a lot of time with each other when you’re dancing together. You’re always in a close proximity so it would be weird not to get feelings even if it’s just to be a best friend or if it’s to fall in love.

Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two on June 3rd.


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