This Gripping New True Crime Documentary Drops On Netflix Today

That's tonight's viewing sorted

Via Netflix

Giving us just what we need right now, Netflix is dropping a brand-new true crime documentary tonight (Wednesday the 14th).

The gripping documentary titled ‘Why Did You Kill Me?’ follows the story of a bereaved mother who uses social media to get justice for her daughter’s tragic death.

Without giving too much away, it focuses on the passing of Crystal Theobald, a 24-year-old mother of two who was shot dead in Riverside County, California in an act of gang retaliation, with which she had no involvement.

Present while her daughter was shot, Crystal’s mother Belinda Lane had to witness her daughter’s unjust attack and is now on a mission to get to the bottom of her daughter’s murder, aiming to bring justice to the gang members by luring them into a trap she set up through social media.

Throughout the doc Belinda discovers if there was more than meets the eye when it came to her daughter’s killing, with her main aim being for those who were responsible to be punished accordingly, but does Belinda get her wish?

If you think that sounds like a bit of you, check out the trailer below to get you excited for an evening of true crime ahead.


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