This Heiress Faked A Lavish Wedding To Her Celeb Hairdresser Boyfriend, And The Whole Thing Is Wild

Read this before they inevitably make a Netflix doc or podcast about it...


An heiress has been accused by her husband of faking their wedding as a publicity stunt, and everything about it is insane.

We’ll start at the beginning, In 2015 heiress Andi Potamkin tied the knot with Jordan Blackmore, who is well known in his own right. He owns three Squares Studios in Chelsea, and is hairstylist to stars like Marc Jacobs, Elizabeth Olsen and Selena Gomez.

The couple had an elaborate, lavish wedding at 600-acre Amangiri resort in Utah, where an alleged $1 million was spent on the event. The bride wore a bespoke Maurizio Glante showstopper gown and guests were not only flown in by private jet, but also treated to a host of random activities like horseback riding, zip-lining, hiking, a movie night, yoga and watercolour classes.

The wedding was covered by Coveteur, who wrote:  “As the couple read their own vows and exchanged rings crafted from archaic dinosaur bones found in the very same area in which they were standing (yes, really.), they looked as if they were backlit from the sun.”


So if it all seems a bit Hollywood, it’s because there was a lot of acting involved. According to a lawsuit from Jordan, the whole thing was faked by Andi, unbeknownst to him.

Three years after the marriage, Andi ended things, and now Jordan claims that the marriage was just an elaborate publicity stunt which allowed her to have a dream wedding while still protecting her fortune. Andi is wealthy heiress to the Potemkin Auto Group fortune founded by her father, which is valued at $1bn.

It turns out the marriage ceremony was ‘symbolic’, as no marriage license was obtained, and the person who officiated the ceremony was not ordained. Andi allegedly told her yoga instructor friend who officiated the ceremony, that she didn’t need to get ordained because they’d make it official in New York. Jordan only found this out when he got legal papers after they decided to split up.

Andi has denied several of the claims, and said Jordan’s lawsuit “includes tons of untrue and irrelevant information about my family, included for no purpose other than to attempt to publicly embarrass us.”


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Now Jordan has decided to sue the Potamkin family for $2 million in damages.

But that’s not all, after the hairstylist initially found out in December, the pair are now looking to get legally married to try to sort it all out. Confused? We don’t blame you. The couple are essentially just getting married so that they can get divorced and adhere to the prenup.

“Indeed, both parties have filed to recognize the marriage in the state of Utah. There is a prenuptial agreement that sets forth the terms under which the assets will be distributed upon divorce,” Page Six explained.