This Is How Much Jedward Are Reportedly Worth And It’s A LOT

Beyond jealous.

Who’d have thought that when John and Edward Grimes bounced onto the X factor in 2009 that they’d soon become millionaires?

At the time they were considered the novelty act of the show, the one that should be voted out in favour of more experienced singers. But Edward proved everyone wrong, and stood their ground on the famous stage until finally coming in sixth place.

Now they’re global superstars and have the pay packet to match. To be fair, they’ve been busy. They’ve released nine singles, have represented Ireland in the Eurovision twice, presented kids TV shows like Jedward’s Big Adventure and OMG! Jedward’s Dream Factory, and even appeared in a season of Celebrity Big Brother.

So how much are they worth? A whopping USD $8.5 million, or over €7.25 million. According to Now Magazine, the 26-year-old twins are the fifth most financially successful contestants to come from the ITV talent show.

Are you surprised they’re worth so much, or nah?

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