This Is How You Pronounce The Name Of Grimes And Elon Musk’s Baby (We Think)

Imaging calling him in for his dinner

If you’ve spent the last 24 hours wondering how in the name of god Elon Musk’s child’s name is pronounced, you’re absolutely not the only one.

Since news broke yesterday that singer Grimes had given birth to her first child with Elon Musk (and Elon’s seventh), the world waited in anticipation for the couple to announce his name.

“It’ll be something mad like ‘Petrol’, or ‘Pythagoras'” we all thought, but oh, how were we wrong.

Elon later announced the name of the newborn in a tweet, telling us that his name is X Æ A-12 Musk.

Yeah, as in the sum that 6th-year-students dread coming up on Maths paper 1 every June.

Understandably, many initially assumed it was a joke, but since neither Elon or Grimes have said otherwise, we have to assume that this is real life and there is an actual living child out there with a name that sounds like a wifi code.

Putting the confusion of ‘how are his friends going to sing him Happy Birthday’ aside for a second, we are wondering how to actually pronounce it.

Grimes tweeted an explanation of the name this morning, and while it’s interesting, it doesn’t exactly give us any indication of how to say it.

A Twitter user came up with a theory on how to pronounce it, with Elon liking the tweet, so we’re assuming that we’re getting warm with it at least.

Their theory is that “Æ” is a letter in some Scandi alphabets, which are pronounced ‘Ash’. The latter part of the name “A-12” is believed to refer to an aircraft nicknamed ‘Archangel’, and the X at the beginning of the name was maybe thrown in just for good measure, because you know, maths and all that.

So that means the name is pronounced as ‘X Ash Archangel’.

Well, maybe they’ve kickstarted a new baby name trend? Maybe by the year 2050 half of Ireland will be called  ‘x2-1 = (x-1)’?






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