This Is Seriously Bad News For Anyone Who Eats Paleo

It's one of the most popular lifestyles around, but experts say it's been linked to one not so pleasant side effect.

Paleo food

It’s the diet that has thousands eating like our ancestors and chowing down on caveman cuisine, but although it’s been touted as one of the healthiest and cleanest diets around, some nutrition experts have suggested that it might not be so saintly.

That’s right ladypal, according to new research published in the medical journal Nutrition & Diabetes low-carb, high-fat diets like paleo may actually promote rapid weight gain.

Here’s the science bit: in the study, a group of mice were fed a calorie-controlled diet that was both low in carbs and high in fat over the course of nine weeks. What researchers found was that at the end of the study, the mice gained 15 percent of their original body weight and had developed insulin resistance.

Our thoughts? First up, we’re humans not mice, so how seriously can we really take these results? Second of all, eating a healthy diet isn’t all about weight loss or gain and what works for one person might not work for another. Bottom line, pay attention to how your diet makes you feel, and if it you’re feeling happy, energised and healthy then stick at it, regardless of what the research says.