This Lad Planned A Friends-Themed Proposal And It Was Absolutely Spot-On


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Friends fans, prepare to feel all the life envy after watching this proposal.

Comedy Central launched the second year of FriendsFest last week, allowing fans all over the UK to check out replicas of sets from the famous sitcom, meet cast members and relive the show’s glorious ten-season reign.

You can meet Maggie Wheeler aka Janice…


Sit on the Central Perk couch…

You get the picture.

Two people who were first in line to attend the event were Londoners Krunal Desai and his girlfriend Radha Patel. Radha is an obsessive fan who watches the show every night before she goes to sleep, so when Krunal decided to propose he knew it had to involve the sitcom in some way.

His plan? Get down on one knee in Monica’s apartment, á la Chandler in season six.

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Everything went off without a hitch, and Comedy Central even hooked up some hidden cameras to capture the special moment.

Just LOOK:

D’AAAAW. Here’s hoping they go the whole hog and get Matt LeBlanc to officiate the ceremony as Joey. Well, you never know…