This Love Island Star Ended Up In A&E After A TikTok Video Went Wrong

We've all been there


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In the most 2020 thing we’ll write today, Danny Williams of Love Island fame ended up in hospital after a freak accident during a TikTok video.

So, how did the event go down? I hear you cry. Well, 21-year-old Jordan was invited to film a TikTok with fellow islanders Chris and Danny, who have been keeping us all entertained with videos over the last few months.

In the video, the boys decided to don 6-inch stilettos and belly-tops, strutting their stuff in front of the camera. Except, the sass soon turned to tragedy when Jordan fell over and BROKE his ankle.

Sharing the exact moment of the disaster, Chris uploaded the video to Instagram, along with the caption:

“HATS OFF GIRLS ✊…this is A LOT harder than we thought. Ask @itsdannywilliams left ankle”


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He also added: “Any one need x3 pairs of size 11 heels? Worn once, barely damaged. Comes with three toes and half of Danny’s ankle. DM me cos I never want to see them again. Getting PTSD.”

Chris later shared a picture of Danny passed out on the sofa, which Danny reshared saying that the morphine given to him in the hospital made him sleepy.

Danny also revealed that he’s moving in with the two boys soon, commenting on the video with:

“First tik tok with you lot and it cost me my ankle ffs is this what’s its gonna be like living with yous.”