This Lovely Humans Of Ireland Post Is Changing Lots Of Minds About Pokémon Go

Don't be a PokéHater.


Since Pokémon Go’s launch earlier this month, people have been somewhat divided about its merits.

There are those who couldn’t imagine life without it:

Those who despise its very existence:

And those who just don’t really *get* it:

Well, if you’re wondering why on earth everyone’s wasting their time even talking about the augmented reality app, which lets users capture Pokémon in real time, today’s Humans Of Ireland post might change your mind:

“I’ve lost half a stone in the last week playing Pokemon Go… usually I’d be sitting at home playing Pokemon games on old consoles. But over the last week I’ve met so many people out playing Pokemon from all walks of life.”

HOW lovely is this?

Since being shared this morning, the post has already amassed over 700 likes and tonnes of comments from people showing their support.

Say what you want about the app, but if its having positive effects on people’s lives like this, it has a thumbs up from us.


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