This Model’s Shocking Picture Shows The Damage 30 Minutes On A Sunbed Can Do To Your Skin

A harsh reminder of just how dangerous sunbeds can be.

Woman using a sunbed

Sunbeds: The Facts

    • It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to use a sunbed in Ireland
    • Worldwide there are more cases of skin cancer due to indoor tanning than there are lung cancer cases due to smoking
    • The amount of UVA given off from a sunbed can be 10-15 times higher than the midday sun.

The dangers of tanning on a sunbed are well documented, but if you’re not convinced, this model’s pics may change your mind.

Manchester model Zaynab Alkhatib claims she spent 32 minutes on a sunbed in one day and has as a result been left with flaking, blistering skin across her midriff.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, she explains, “I went on at about 12 and then at about 8.45pm. They let me do more minutes than you are meant to.

“They let me do 20 minutes and then I went back the same day and they let me do more.

“The session was about 20 minutes, but the most you’re supposed to do is about 12 minutes.”

Damage from sunbed

She goes on to explain that her skin began turning red and stinging soon after the second treatment, and says that she has since struggled to get modeling work as a result

In Ireland, 850 new cases of melanoma are reported and 150 people die from skin cancer each year. Add to that, the Irish Cancer society estimates than 90 percent of skin cancer is caused by the overexposure to UV light, both from the sun and sunbeds.

The take-home? Sunbeds just really aren’t worth the risk.


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