This OG Gossip Girl Icon Will Be Joining The Reboot’s Second Season

Which OG Gossip Girl Character are you hoping to see?

Oh how we just adore Gossip Girl!

Despite ending in 2012, the show still has a cult following of dedicated loyal fans, with someone you know always re-watching the original series, or binging the reboot.

But while the OG is always good for a re-watch, we can’t help but want something new from the original characters. Sure the reboot did give us some hilarious updates but we didn’t get to actually see a lot of the OG cast.

Well, until now that is! As a new teaser for season two of the reboot seems to hint at the return of our favourite villainess.

She’s an icon, she is a legend, and she is the moment. Now, come on, now…Miss Georgina Sparks.


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The new trailer shows someone sitting in an empty auditorium, with captions saying; “It only takes one spark to start a fire…And I have a feeling that this city is about to burn.”

The person looks an awful lot like Georgina, with thick dark brown hair, and decked out in all black.

Michelle Trachtenberg, a.k.a. the real life Georgina, confirmed her appearance, posting a snap of herself on set.

We know Georgina is involved with the new generation of Upper East Siders as her son Milo made an appearance in the first season.

Considering she’s clapping in an auditorium, and the original series had the students perform a play in season two, could Georgie be directing Constance Billard-St. Jude’s next stage production?

It seems we won’t find out until season two premieres later this year, but oh what we would give to see Georgina with a director’s megaphone.

In the mean time, we’ll just have to content ourselves with re-watches of the OG and the reboot, both of which are available on the RTÉ Player