This Pic Of Charlotte Crosby Has Sparked Rumours She’s Had A Tummy Tuck

It's something to do with her belly button, it seems.

Charlotte Crosby of Geordie Shore fame recently shared a photo of herself and boyfriend Stephen Bear on Instagram, and fans were quick to comment on the reality star’s body.

In the photo, Charlotte is posing in a peach coloured bikini, and one person commented underneath saying, “What is wrong with your belly button? Photoshop?”

To which someone else replied, “It’s what happens when you get a tummy tuck”.

Other fans joined in on the conversation adding, “It’s so obvious she got a tummy tuck thoooo” and “Has she had some work done on her tummy?? Her belly button looks odd ?? “.

Charlotte denies having had a tummy tuck, and thanks healthy eating and exercise for her slim physique. The 26-year-old has her own workout DVD, and is proud of going from a size 16 to a size 8 with nothing but hard work.

Tummy tuck or not, we think she looks fab.

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