This Sports Presenter Cut Off A Caller Who Wouldn’t Stop Calling Her ‘Darling’

"Because you can't speak to me properly I'm gonna sack your call off."

Broadcaster Lynsey Hipgrave has often spoken out about the sexism she faces as woman in sport – in 2016, she highlighted the torrent of abuse she got online for criticising Lionel Messi.

The message has still to reach some people though, as this week she had to give a listener a dressing-down for being disrespectful and condescending to her live on air.

The man called into her show on Talksport UK yesterday morning to discuss controversial FA chief Martin Glenn.

He repeatedly called her ‘love’ and ‘darling’ throughout the call, and she told him to stop it:

Eh alright, you don’t need to call me darling, I’m not your darling.

He ignored her – and when the next ‘love’ landed, she decided to just hang up.

Do you know what, because you can’t speak to me properly I’m gonna sack your call off, love. But there you go.

Listen to it here (and note the difference when the man speaks to Hipgrave’s co-presenter, former footballer Danny Murphy).

After getting a bit of grief for how she reacted, Hipgrave rightly explained the difference between a true term of endearment and condescension:

Something a lot of people need to hear. Keep it up, Lynsey!