This Teeny Bird In His Homemade Cardboard Shoes Is All The Cuteness You Need RN


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Animals wearing clothing. When is that ever not going to be cute?

In this case of this California mockingbird, the clothes serve a very important purpose, making it ALL THE MORE essential that you see these pictures.

The California Wildlife Centre recently rescued the unnamed bird, who has deformities in his feet that mean he cannot stand or perch like other birds. The teeny mockingbird’s knuckled feet prevent him from finding proper food and shelter in the wild, and if left untreated, it’s likely he would have “perished,” CWC director Jennifer Brent told Buzzfeed.

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The rescue centre’s solution? Build this little fella a pair of his very own snowshoes, to give him stability and allow his feet to be realigned to a more normal shape.

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After a week in the shoes, the little guy was released back into the wild, having made a full recovery.

Shoes that are stylish AND functional? All a chic chick could ask for, really.