This Text About The Immersion Is Literally Every Irish Mammy’s Worst Nightmare

It would strike fear in your heart, so it would.


Walk into any Irish house, and you’re bound to hear an argument about one of three things – the dinner getting cold, the good biscuits being ONLY FOR THE VISITORS, and the immersion being left on.

Forgetting to switch off the immersion is something most of us Irish natives still regularly wake up in a cold sweat about, even if we moved out of home years ago.


Left the switch flicked to ‘on’ overnight, or worse, all day long? You might as well change your surname and move to the Bahamas because you’ll never be welcome under your own roof again.

One Irish mammy is no doubt going to have a heart attack later today then, when she gets dropped with this bombshell about the immersion being on for not just one night… but for three whole years.


Facebook user Cormac MacGarraidh posted the image to the Oh My God What A Complete Aisling page earlier on, after getting his boiler serviced and hearing the bad news.

Cue Mammies all over the country falling to the ground in shock…


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