This Video Of The Brown Thomas Doorman LOVING His Job Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

Ciaran Bass <3

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Meet Ciaran Bass.

His name might not be familiar to you, but if you live in Dublin or have spent any amount of time around our capital’s shopping district, you’ll know his face.

Ciaran is the head concierge – and only doorman – at Dublin’s Brown Thomas. He started working with the store in his twenties, when it was still known as Switzer’s.┬áCiaran is something of a mini-celebrity in Dublin’s fair city, and this gorgeous video by The Irish Times about his life is making us all kinds of teary today.

“My first job, I was 14 years of age, I got a job as a page boy in the Central Hotel round the corner, and I just got this flair for working with the public. I came in Switzer’s as a salesman, and then in 1995 Brown Thomas crossed the street and bought us,” Ciaran recalls.

“My favourite day is Saturday. We get our regular customer who’ll park the car and come into the store. The gentleman will get his hair cut, the lady will go off and do her shopping. That’s part of their Saturday.”

The video was first published back in 2014, but it was shared again today on the Irish Times’ Facebook page, and it’s already racked up over 200 shares and close to 50,000 views.

As well as Dublin’s gen pop, Ciaran has also met many international celebrities, among them Pamela Anderson and Liz Hurley. It’s all NBD, though. “There’s only one on the door, myself. Thousands of people pass up and down. They see one person, I see thousands of people,” Ciaran says. “And I love people. It’s wonderful.”

If his undying love for his job (and tipping his top hat at everyone who goes by) hasn’t got you welling up yet, just wait for the end of the video when he starts SINGING. Singing! Too sweet.

Ciaran also featured on the Humans Of Dublin Facebook page earlier this year, where he revealed he spent time in Yemen with the British Army in the 1960s, and abandoned his brigade to help a fellow soldier in need.

As if we needed any more proof that he’s a total gent…