This Website Can Tell You If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On Tinder

But would you use it?

Guy using a phone

Modern technology has blurred the lines when it comes to cheating. Does a few quick swipes on an app count as a betrayal or has your SO only been unfaithful when there’s sexual contact involved? The answer is a very personal thing and it’s by no means a black and white issue, but if you’re suspicious that your other half might be chancing his luck on Tinder then there is a way for you to find out.

A new website called Swipebuster allows you to search for users on the app. Simply type in the person’s first name, along with their age and gender. The site will then generate a list of results which displays profile pictures and when the user was last active.

Thinking about using it? Swipebuster charges $4.99 for three searches. Of course, there is always the free option of trawling through the site on your own. Awkward, if your other half then does a search on you.

Our advice? If you’re suspicious that you’re being cheated on, put down the phone, ditch the apps and have a chat with your partner. It might be enough to put your mind at ease.


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