This YouTuber Is Being Described As ‘Ignorant’ For His Latest Video About Surviving Off £1 A Day

He complains about having to drink tap water and goes for a session with his personal trainer. Hmm.

YouTuber Alfie Deyes has come under fire for his latest video in which he challenges himself to survive on £1 a day.

In the video, the 24-year-old boyfriend of Zoella attempts to spend under £1 on food and drink in a day living in Brighton. At the start of the video, he says:

Today, my total bill for my food and drink intake is going to be under £1. I don’t know if this is going to be possible, because where I live everything is quite expensive. I feel like if I was doing this in a country like Thailand or something, which I’ve never actually been to before, but apparently it’s super cheap.”

“But I’m doing it in Brighton, which is very expensive. There are a couple of really simple rules: things like petrol don’t count, travel doesn’t count. We’re just talking food and drink.”

During the video, the multimillionaire complains about having to drink tap water instead of bottled -you also see him driving his car and going to gym, all which cost more than £1.

He later Googles ‘How to eat for free (or very cheap)’, and eventually is gifted with 12 free doughnuts in Krispy Kreme.

Many were not impressed with the video, taking to Twitter to calling out the ‘privileged’ star for ‘making poverty entertainment’.

Another YouTuber even wrote an open letter to the YouTuber in the hopes of helping Alfie understand the outrage.

Alfie has since defended the video, explaining his decision:

I’m so sorry if this has upset you, that was never my intension. I’d seen many others do this video recently and wanted to try it myself. Some people have seen the video as me mocking others, which I for sure was not doing in the video.


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