There’s One Important Detail Missing From Those Pics of Courteney And Johnny Arguing

Don't go writing off their relationship just yet.

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Every relationship has its ups and downs, but if you happen to be living in the public eye, all those ups and downs get blown waaay out of proportion. That stupid argument you’d just rather forget about? Yeah, it’s now front page news.

That’s what seems to have happened in the case of Courteney Cox and Northern Irish rocker Johnny McDaid, who were photographed recently having a massive blow-out argument outside a London restaurant. The photos, published by the Daily Mail yesterday (August 8th), show the pair gesturing angrily at each other, before Courteney eventually gets up to leave the table.

Taking the pictures at face value, you’d be forgiven for assuming Courteney and Johnny were close to calling off their engagement yet again, but there’s one detail that seems to have been left out: the date. From what the evidence shows, the photos were not taken yesterday, but at some stage last week.

In fact, other photos published on Saturday August 6th – after the argument took place – show Courteney flying out of London Heathrow back to LA, with Johnny there to see her off and give her a kiss goodbye.

Plus, a quick look through Courteney’s Twitter shows that the actress retweeted a post from her fiancé’s band, Snow Patrol on Sunday August 7th – hardly the action of someone who has just called off an engagement for the second time.

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Those argument photos might be genuine, but the timeline being put forward most certainly is not. Here’s hoping Courteney and Johnny are back on track, because we are DYING for that Irish wedding to happen.