Tiffany Gets Real About Ronnie/Harriett Situation After Love Island Dumping

STELLAR PROMOTION: Another day, another dumping

Well, two more islanders have left the villa, and they have lots to say.

Here are their exit interviews.


How does it feel to be leaving the Love Island Villa?

I’m definitely gutted as I did want to find my connection in the Villa and see if things were deeper for me in terms of finding love. At the same time it was a great experience, the whole journey, and meeting great people. I’m grateful for this opportunity.

You explored an initial connection with Mimii, what are your thoughts and feelings about this?

Looking back I explored a connection with Mimii because she is a stunning girl and as I got to know her a little more, she had a good personality. She was involved in a triangle with Ayo and Uma but with Ayo stepping back from Uma, I think it also made Mimii step back from getting to know me a little bit more. We definitely have a great friendship and I am happy I got to know her.

We also saw you explore a connection with Matilda. Can you tell us more about that?

From as soon as Matilda entered the Villa I saw her as an attractive person. In my eyes  we connected straight from the start. I know I gave it my best shot in terms of trying to get to know her and who knows , if I stayed in the Villa it could have developed further.

Are there any other girls you wish you got to know better? 

W I first met Patsy we had a good connection but that was cut short when she left. I didn’t get a chance to explore that further.

Who did you form the closest friendships with?

Ciaran is such a cool kid ,and I had a good friendship with Ayo. Sean’s my guy as well, even though it did get a little intense with us both going after the same girl , I’ve got a lot of love for him.

Jess and I really clicked in there, which made us grow together as friends. She was able to hear me out and listen to me when I wanted to share my opinion on things or wanted advice.

Who do you think is forming a good connection in the Villa?

Ayo and Mimii, as well as Ciaran and Nicole. Both couples know what they want from each other and they seem really happy. I am happy for them.

Who are you backing to get to the final?

It’s hard to separate Ciaran and Nicole with Mimii and Ayo at the moment , I’m backing them for the final


How does it feel to be leaving the Love Island Villa?

It feels bittersweet to be leaving the Villa but unfortunately I didn’t find love. However, I built amazing friendships so I’m excited to see everyone after the final.

You explored an initial connection with Ronnie, what are your thoughts and feelings about this?

My journey with Ronnie was fun, we had such a laugh and got on really well because we had a lot in common. It was difficult being in a triangle with Harriett at the start, but ultimately something was missing so I had to be honest with him and be true to myself and my feelings.

Were there any other boys you wish you got to know better? 

Wil is my typical type but we never got to chat in that way as he likes Uma so much. I liked getting to know Sean, he is so lovely and I felt comfortable with him but it was more of a friendship vibe.

Who did you form the closest friendships with?

Grace was my bestie, we came in together so we shared a special bond, she’s so lovely. I got along with everyone and I loved Ayo too, he was always laughing at me. I think he thought I was funny. Jess was also like my agony aunt, she always gave me words of wisdom.

How was your friendship with Harriett after you were coupled up with Ronnie?

Harriett and I are very different people. I don’t know if we’d ever see eye to eye, after the Ronnie situation. There is no bad blood from my side but we handle situations very differently.

Who do you think is forming a good connection in the Villa?

The couples are really strong; Joey and Grace have such amazing chemistry, Nicole and Ciaran are also very sweet and you can see how much Mimii and Ayo are into each other. I hope Sean and Matilda can go the distance, but it’s early days for them.

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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