Today’s New Birthday Photos Of Prince George Will Send Your Ovaries Into Overdrive

How can one human be so CUTE?

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Prince George turns the ripe old age of three today, and to celebrate his parents, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, have shared some brand new photos.

Wondering if Princess Charlotte might have already usurped her brother in the cuteness stakes? These pics beg to differ:

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Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.05.13

Yup, that’s the sound of your ovaries kicking into action:

“Can’t believe it’s been three years,” a message on the official Kensington Palace Twitter account read this morning, along with a note thanking those who had sent such “lovely birthday messages” to the future king.

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The photos were taken on the grounds of the Cambridge’s country home at Amner Hall, by photograoher Matt Porteus, a commercial photographer who has not worked with the family before.

Although George posed with the family dog Lupo during his birthday photoshoot, it’s thought a new puppy might be on the way to him today.

According to the Daily Mail, William and Kate have purchased a Bolonka Zwetna puppy as a third birthday gift for their son.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.04.54

A small breed of dog, a Bolonka Zwetna is similar to a Bichon Frise and is said to be a great breed for young children. Also, it’s possibly the cutest breed of dog we’ve ever seen.

Too much cuteness altogether for one day.


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