Tom Clare Opens Up About The Molly And Callum Content Online

Poor Tom.


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Love Island: All Star winner Tom Clare has broken his silence on the whole Molly and Callum situation.

He told the Daily Mail that it’s “shit” that viewers want Molly to rekindle her romance with ex-boyfriend Callum Jones, despite Molly being in a relationship with Tom.

While the footballer understands why fans want the Molly and Callum to have a “fairytale ending”, he can’t help but feel down about the social media reaction.

Tom told The Daily Mail “I’ve come out and I’ve seen a lot of messages that say Molly and Callum should get back together and it’s s*** to see, it is s***, but in the villa there was no sign of it.”


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He continued “If there had been an incline, if there was flirting, I would have addressed it but there was nothing at all. I understand it, they want the fairytale and they had been together a long time but at the end of the day it is still s*** to see.”

Molly and Callum split up four months before appearing on Love Island: All Stars after 3 years of dating.

That didn’t stop viewers from wanting the pair to get back together and were confronted with their breakup as soon as they entered the villa.


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Callum was given the decision to either couple up with his ex-Molly or to “steal” one of the other girls.

After choosing to couple up with Molly, and viewers quickly concluded that they should get back together.

However, despite the viewers beliefs that there is still a spark between the former couple, Tom insists that he has no doubts that Molly and Callum, are over.


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He says that he believes there was no sign of a connection between Molly and her ex in the South African villa.

We think it’s time to admit that Tom is right, and that Molly and Callum are definitely well and truly done. Sob!

Words by Grace Sweeney