Tom Holland Says Sobriety Is The Best Thing He’s Ever Done

"All I could think about was having a drink"

Image via Instagram, @tomholland2013

In a podcast with Jay Shetty, Tom Holland has opened up about being sober, and how much it has positively impacted his life.

The Spiderman actor shared that his foray into sobriety began when he decided to try out dry January after a particularly heavy Christmas. (He’s just like us!)

It wasn’t easy for him though, and while taking a few weeks off from drinking, he found himself missing it more than he had expected. “All I could think about was having a drink…I was waking up thinking about it. I was checking the clock, when’s it 12 p.m.?”


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Tom discussed how he pushed himself to do another month, but was still finding the experience to be tough.

“Two months go by and I was still really struggling. I felt like I couldn’t be social…

“I was really, really struggling and I started to really worry that maybe I had an alcohol problem.”

Then, something changed for the actor – who felt a weight lifted when he pushed through to achieve six months sober.

“I could sleep better. I could handle problems better…


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“Things that would go wrong on set, that would normally set me off, I could take in my stride. I had such better mental clarity. I felt healthier, I felt fitter.”

Tom also referenced the rugby community, and how it’s changed his relationship with the sporting community.

“I just felt so much pressure…I’ve sort of distanced myself from the rugby community ’cause so much of it is about how much can you drink. Let’s get you as drunk as possible”

But Zendaya’s boyfriend isn’t going back – he’s loving his new sober lifestyle.

“It’s honestly been the best thing I’ve ever done.”

We love to see it!