Tonight’s Love Island: Joey Essex Throws The Villa into Chaos


When we sat down to watch Love Island on Monday night, we were ready for all the twists and turns.

But we certainly were not expecting the appearance of Joey Essex.

He entered the villa as a bombshell that had viewers’ jaws on the floor.

And it’s not just the viewers who were left shocked by his appearance, his fellow contestants couldn’t believe their eyes.

Pic: Virgin Media

The Villa is left shocked at the arrival of Love Island’s first celebrity contestant, with Nicole saying, “No, this isn’t happening!”

While host Maya Jama assures the Islanders, “He’s not a passing visit, he’s actually here.”

Joey adds, “Staying here for good baby.”

Apparently he’s on the hunt for his wife!

Pic: Virgin Media

And it looks like he’s on the right track as he says, “I do like what I see. I can see a little twinkle in someone’s eye for sure.”

Maya then announces, “Joey, in 24 hours you will have the opportunity to steal one of these beautiful girls.”

The girls waste no time in getting together for a debrief on tonight’s events. Nicole says, “Girls. Hands up if you fancy Joey Essex.” But which of the girls are interested in getting to know Joey more?

Well, 24 hours in the villa goes by in the blink of an eye. During a game of Phone Roulette, Joey is dared to kiss three Islanders of his choice and chooses Samantha, Harriett and Nicole to snog.

Pic: Virgin Media

And as the hours tick on, Jess and Mimii ask Joey what his game plan is for the day. Joey says, “My game plan is just to get to know everyone really, I want to get to know all the girls on a personal level and who I vibe with most.”

Mimii asks, “Who are your top three?” with Joey saying, “Obviously, I’ve got to keep my cards close to my chest.”

Later that evening the Islanders gather around the fire pit. Joey receives a text which reads, “Joey, it’s now time to make your decision.”

“It’s obviously been tough because I have got to know all of you girls on a nice level. And obviously got to know all you boys on a cool level – I feel like we’re tight and we’re getting on well but this is Love Island….”

Pic: Virgin Media

Who will Joey decide to couple up with?

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm

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