Too Hot To Handle’s Nathan Reveals If He And Holly Are Still Together

They've had a bit of a wild ride on the show.


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Nathan and Holly basically stole the show on the latest season of Too Hot To Handle. Spoiler alert (!), the pair lost all of the contestants a lot of money, before Nathan was asked to leave the villa and then was allowed to return, and they both went on to say that they loved each other on their final date. An up and down reality show romance, if you will.

But are they pair still together? Nathan has since revealed all, sharing what has happened since the show ended in a recent interview with Cosmo UK.

“On our final date, it was a super lovely moment. We went on a date just us two… It was the most beautiful date I’ve ever been on, so definitely in that moment it felt right to say the three special words [‘I love you.’]”


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He continued, “We saw each other after the show and we’ve stayed in contact throughout the whole year. Because of covid it made things tough. But we’ve still got a strong pin on things, and we’ll see what the next two-three months brings.

“It’s better to say no [we’re not together] now, but I would say there are still feelings there, if you know what I mean. It’s more about [unleashing] the feelings and going back to where we started, or leaving them where they are. I would say we still have strong feelings for each other, but it’s more of a location thing.”

The ‘location thing’ is referring to the fact that Nathan is from Cape Town, South Africa, and Holly is from Colorado, USA. So yeah, that’s pretty long distance.

In other THTH news, back in February of 2021. Beaux Raymond, Harry Johnson and Jackson ‘Matthew’ Mawhinney apparently became aggressive after being told to wear face masks, and being refused more alcohol and were each fined £3,000 each for drunkenly abusing staff on the flight.

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